About Us

We are awesome people dedicated to create a cleaner and more efficient world

Meet the Team

Rito Sur, PhD

Founder / CEO

Stanford University

Larry Colen

Software Engineer

University of California, Davis

Tesfay Tesmir, PhD

Laser Physicist

Bilkent University

Robert O'Brien

Software Engineer

California State University

Sean Fackler, PhD

Sr. Materials Scientist

Director of Business Dev.

Univ. of Maryland


Prof. Ronald K. Hanson

​Scientific Adviser

​Stanford University

Barbara Marshik, PhD

Business Development

Gas Marketing Consulting

Our Story

Indrio Technologies Inc. was founded in 2016 by Dr. Rito Sur, after finishing his PhD from the prestigious Hanson Research Group at Stanford.

Starting vision
We cannot control what we cannot measure. A leading cause of inefficiency in our current society is the dismal lack of portable, and highly accurate chemical sensors. During his PhD, Dr. Sur realized that the industry uses decades-old or even in some cases centuries-old methods to quantify chemical concentrations. Indrio seeks to bring in the power of modern laser-based spectroscopy to mass-market applications.


Sequoia Capital
Stanford University TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy
Plug and Play
National Science Foundation
Creative Destruction
Cardinal Ventures
U.S. Department of Energy
Arosa Capital Management
California Air Resources Board
Southwest Research Institute
Larta Institute