Revolutionary Laser-Based Spectroscopy

Each molecule has a unique light absorption signature. By measuring how a laser beam is affected by these signatures, IGNIS can determine the concentration of a particular molecule in the gas.


Every molecule has a unique spectroscopic signature. The energy levels of every molecule depend on their molecular structure and energy modes (e.g. vibration, rotation, and electronic) which is one of their defining and unalterable features. Laser-based spectroscopy uses this fundamental property to quantify concentration, temperature, and bulk velocity of the absorbing medium. Also, this makes it possible to design high-precision spectroscopy-based sensors that have zero cross-species interference.

High-temperature sensors

Indrio has patented the unique concept of building high-temperature high-precision spectroscopic sensors that can survive engine exhaust temperatures of greater than 600°C and survive its harsh particle and moisture laden environment. There is no need for cumbersome sampling lines which suffer from measurement lag and require frequent expensive maintenance.